Metal carpentry

OFF.M.A. is an absolutely reliable partner in the metal carpentry sector as it melds its specific technical skills with a company organization made up of highly qualified personnel and complete outfitting of machinery and equipment able to resolve our Customer‘s requests in all shapes, sizes and complexities.

Civil and industrial construction

  • support structures
  • roofing, shelters, lofts, mezzanines
  • infills and coverings
  • insulation, thermal insulation and waterproofing
  • stairs, hand rails, ramps
  • fences and gates
  • window and door frames
  • exhibition centers
  • malls
  • stadiums and sports centers
  • technological parks


  • structures for bridges, viaducts and communication routes
  • transport and lifting structures: cranes, cableways
  • structures, frames and supports for steel plants
  • components for agricultural and earth moving machines
  • structures for naval plants
  • structures for railway plants
  • structures for electric and thermo hydraulic plants
  • land reclamation, redevelopment and remediation
  • consolidations and recoveries
  • multi-level car parks

3D Laser Technology

Our 3D laser technology represents breaking the latest innovative boundary in mechanical processing of tubes and profiles, for all sectors.

3D laser technology makes it possible to go beyond cutting and perforating operations to any type of complex processing – even on special and ad hoc projects from our Customer‘s technical drawings.

Lengths can be processed up to 16 m with a width of 20mm with a unit weight of up to 290 Kg/m on the following types of profile:


  • round tubes: diameter up to 610 mm
  • oval tubes: diam. section up to 500x300 mm
  • square tubes: diam. section up to 400x400 mm
  • rectangular tubes: diam. section up to 500x300 mm


  • section C profiles: up to 500x300 mm
  • section L profiles: up to 400x400 mm
  • IPE profiles: up to 550 mm
  • HE A profiles: up to 400 mm
  • HE B profiles: up to 400 mm

OFF.M.A. boasts the most sophisticated three-dimensional design software and processing plants at the forefront of this type of technology, making it possible to manage any request from this sector.

The advantages of such a technology are numerous compared to traditional processing techniques, creating considerable benefits for the Customer:

  • the possibility to offer a finished product with the execution of various processes (caulking, chamfering, slots, crosscuts, cuts with particular intersection shapes) without the need for further processing
  • wide range of processes possible without limits on the geometrical complexity
  • high standard of precision, through the computerized control of the 31 independent axes, able to maintain precision in the positioning of the 3D laser head within decimal limits
  • significant reduction in delivery times, as the laser technology excludes the subsequent supplementary manual interventions
  • moreover, given the parallel activity of metal carpentry, OFF.M.A. is able to offer a turnkey product, with reduced times and costs and with quotes in advance

In particular, for 3D laser cutting, the OFF.M.A. plants are able to carry out the following processes on tubes and profiles on any type of steel.